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What to know about carpet tiles

Choosing carpet tiles for your commercial space can come with extensive benefits that could last more than 10 years with professional installation. However, if you need a quick and easy installation that allows you to experience only a short amount of downtime, this product line also caters to that need. Here are more facts about commercial carpet tiles that could serve you well over the years.

Carpet tiles withstand wear

Few surfaces get as much extensive flooring wear as commercial locations, leading to poor appearances and decreased safety. Choosing the wrong materials or carpet squares that don't match your traffic levels can also lead to a shorter flooring lifespan. Carpet tiles offer some of the highest-performing surfaces to withstand busy areas with heavy traffic and load-bearing.

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Easy to install and maintain

Choose products from this flooring line that offer peel-and-stick methods for the fastest, most effortless installation. These options adhere better once they've been walked on and are easy to replace if damaged or stained. However, you can choose stain resistance that makes replacement less necessary for more extended performance, even under pressure.

Style and beauty

Commercial carpet tiles offer extensive appearance options, making catering to any décor scheme or style easy. Choose from fiber types, colors, designs, and trends that you can mix and match for complete customization in your space. When visual appeal is essential, you'll find products to meet any need, and if you don't, we can help create it for you.

Once you choose a product, we'll give you details about the installation process so you know what to expect. Also, you can ask questions at any time through the process for the carpet tiles and the information you want and need. So, stop by today to speak with an associate about your remodel.
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At The Carpet Store, you'll find extensive, cost-effective products and services, along with flexible scheduling that meets your needs. In addition, our professional installation teams pay close attention to subfloor conditions and floor preparation to ensure excellent results that stand the test of time. We also utilize the most up-to-date equipment for peak efficiency and strive to exceed your expectations from start to finish.

You can visit us at our commercial carpet tiles showroom in Red Oak, IA, to start your remodel and work towards the perfect products and installation. We're proud to serve communities like Red Oak, IA, Creston, IA, Corning, IA, Stanton, IA, Atlantic, IA, Clarinda, IA, Glenwood, IA, Greenfield, IA, Massena, IA, and Hancock, IA. And we're ready to work for your flooring needs, so stop by today.